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Ouest Lyonnais

Things to do and places to explore

From the Coteaux du Lyonnais wine-growing area to the golden stones of the Beaujolais, the Ouest Lyonnais area is an attractive area with a great quality of life. It is entirely located in the Rhône department and borders the west of the Lyon Metropolis. It consists of a suburban area of more than 110,000 residents spread over 47 municipalities, just outside of the recently formed metropolitan area. Brignais, where our hotel is located, is the most populated of these municipalities with a population of 11,400, followed by Chaponost and L’Arbresle. 

The gateway to the Monts du Lyonnais, the Garon Valley territory in the Ouest Lyonnais area consists of the municipalities of Brignais, Chaponost, Millery, Montagny and Vourles. Things you won’t want to miss here are the remnants of the Gier Aqueduct in Chaponost, the old medieval town of Montagny with its Romanesque chapel, and the monumental Stations of the Cross in Brignais’ church.