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Just 5 kilometres from the hotel

Located in the Garon Valley (Ouest Lyonnais), the town of Chaponost boasts an impressive array of heritage, including the remnants of the Roman Gier Aqueduct that fed water to the Roman city of Lugdunum (present-day Lyon). It transported water obtained from the River Gier in Saint-Chamond 86 km to Fourvière. 
There are several remnants still visible 2000 years later in Chaponost, most notably at the site of the Plat de l’Air, where one can find the longest section of aqueduct visible in France – a row of 72 arches remarkably well preserved and the start of the Yzeron siphon.
The part of the Camino de Santiago that goes by Chaponost essentially follows the path of the Roman Gier Aqueduct.

The tourist office in Chaponost offers a heritage walk where you’ll be able to discover the old castle gate, the Saint-Prix Church, the town hall and the Maison des Associations, the House of the Sisters of Saint Charles, the communal wash house, the windmill, the Parc du Boulard, the Viollières inspection chamber, the Maison Berthelot, the parish house and the wayside cross.